Nana Rose's Magical Monster Spray

Childhood can be tough enough without battling monsters, ghosts, and scary things under the bed and in the closets at night.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a magical spray that got rid of all those scary things and let your little one sleep in peace?

My little granddaughter struggled with this very thing and was the inspiration for Nana Rose's Magical Monster Spray.

The spray bottle of this magical elixir is small for little hands.   It contains pink crystal-like rocks and multi-colored sparkles and is scented with lavender and vanilla oils to soothe and comfort your little one.

I have written a beautiful story that can be personalized for your child explaining how Nana Rose's Magical Monster Spray came to be and why it works so well.

Please check out our products including the spray, refills, story book, and dream pillow by clicking on the "Our Products" link.

NOTICE:  It is important to remind children not to remove the sparkles or crystals from the bottle and NEVER, NEVER put those items in their mouths.  I have written the story to state if a child touches those items they lose their magic, but a reminder from an adult is always a good thing.

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